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Highlighted content

Highlighted content

How do I efficiently bring together information from a variety of sources within SharePoint Online?

The 'Highlighted Content' webpart can help you with this

But how do you use this?

In this whitepaper we will take a closer look at the functionality of this webpart. You can use practical examples to play around with this extremely powerful webpart.

Bring the information together on your intranet page with this extremely powerful webpart! 

We take you step by step in the construction of a powerful way of providing information and give useful tips and insights. 

Oxineo is happy to help you set up your information provision and other necessities as desired within the possibilities of Microsoft 365.

Feel free to contact us via a (private) message.

Then we can make an appointment to look at the wishes you have to see what we can do for you. Oxineo is readily available to help you. If you have something to do with this whitepaper, or if you have a question, please feel free to contact us.