Effective online meetings

You probably know it

Meetings that take far too long, unnecessary meetings to determine, for example, the items of a subsequent meeting or one meeting after another that is scheduled in your agenda.
And at the moment we all have to do this online.

Online meetings areslightly different from physical meetings

That is why online meetings also require different rules.We have drawn up 9 rules that help to hold meetings effectively.
Whitepaper Effective online meetings.pdf

We offer this information as a link so that you can use it in a reply message when you have received another meeting request.
For example, for that colleague who always schedules too long meetings or too many meetings.
By following the link you can also download the game rules as a PDF.

Are you curious how to use these rules with, for example, Microsoft Teams?

Or how do we deal with these rules of the game?
Oxineo is readily available to help you.

Feel free to contact us.