Quickly create a form in Microsoft 365  NEW

Quickly create a form in Microsoft 365 Contact Us You have Microsoft 365 and want to quickly create a form to gauge what colleagues or employees think of a change. Or you are a teacher and want to create a quiz for students in an easy way. You can do that with Microsoft Forms. In […]

Learn to collaborate on documents NEW

Learn to collaborate on documents Contact Us Collaborating with documents is quite a challenge if you suddenly have to work from home. In the video below we show what possibilities there are with regard to collaborating on documents remotely. In Microsoft Teams you can immediately respond to a document, you can see who is currently […]

Effective online meetings NEW

Effective online meetings Contact Us You probably know it Meetings that take far too long, unnecessary meetings to determine, for example, the items of a subsequent meeting or one meeting after another that is scheduled in your agenda. And at the moment we all have to do this online. Online meetings areslightly different from physical […]

SharePoint Online – Highlighted content NEW

SharePoint Online – Highlighted content Contact Us Highlighted content How do I efficiently bring together information from a variety of sources within SharePoint Online? The ‘Highlighted Content’ webpart can help you with this But how do you use this? In this whitepaper we will take a closer look at the functionality of this webpart. You […]