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Voorstraat 116 3231 BK, Brielle



+31 85 808 6950

You get access to the Oxineo Customer Portal where you can enter tickets and have an overview of already entered tickets and the status.

Within your organization you can designate 2 contacts who can create tickets in the customer portal. These persons will also be kept informed of the progress and handling of these tickets. 

This contract is on a monthly basis.
A concluded contract always starts on the first day of a month and ends on the last day of a month or the last day of a calendar year. This contract can be concluded or terminated monthly.

We handle all tickets within this support contract on the basis of best effort.

We strive to pick up all tickets within 3 days. Depending on the extent of the problem and the description, Oxineo will determine the urgency if possible. You as a customer cannot determine whether priority or urgency should be given to a ticket within this contract.

This contract is linked to a monthly fee of €25.
All hours made for support within one month will be invoiced at the beginning of each subsequent month including the monthly contract amount.
You then have 14 days to pay this invoice.

This contract does not have a solution guarantee.
If we are unable to answer or resolve a problem in a ticket, we will look into a possible workaround or redesign of the solution or in some cases escalation to Microsoft. 

If more than 2 hours is needed to solve a ticket, this will be done in consultation with an estimate of the time required.
Depending on the number of hours required, this will be done via a work order or quotation.

By default, tickets are handled during business hours.

  • During office hours on working days from 9:00 to 17:00: €100
  • Outside office hours on working days from 17:00 to 9:00: €125
  • During weekends and public holidays: €145 

This contract only provides for remote support.
For this, Oxineo needs access to your Office 365 environment. If onsite support is still needed, an addendum can be drawn up. This may include travel and other costs. 

This contract starts on the first day of the next calendar month after signing the contract.

The contract is valid for a maximum of one year and always expires at the end of a calendar year. At the end of each calendar year, price and contract changes can be made for the coming year and your contract will be evaluated.

The following rules apply to tickets:

  • For each ticket created, a minimum of 15 minutes is charged (administration and processing costs).
  • For each ticket created, 2 hours can be spent without authorization.

There are no SLAs for the tickets entered. Tickets are picked up based on the space at our consultants.  

  • Maximum 15 tickets per month.
  • If the 15 tickets per month are exceeded, an hourly rate of €115 will be charged for the additional tickets.
  • At the beginning of each calendar month, the ticket counter is set to 0. No tickets can be taken from a previous month.

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